Beginner Machine Quilting

For Longarm and Home Machine Quilters Beginner Friendly Quilting Tools Making Your Quilting Life Easier

When you are starting out you want easy tools and patterns so that you can really enjoy machine quilting without worry about things.

Here is a collection of our FAVORITE machine quilting patterns, ruler feet, designs and more that have lots of "wiggle room" you will love.

With our "wiggle room" tools and techniques your quilts will get completed faster and you have fun loving what you do!



Parallel Foot

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Mini Machine Quilting Ruler Set of 5 - 1/8" Height


Mini Quilting Ruler Foot 1/8" to use with Mini Quilting Ruler Set of 5


Skillbuilder Fabric Panels with Learning Instruction Book


Fleur de Vine Printed Pattern Pk with How To Video DVD


Fleur de Vine Shadow Rhythm Leaves 36+ Patterns Pack Download


Stencil Set of 6 with 130+ Terry Twist Machine Quilting Designs


Quilting Rulers Set of 3, 4 Sizes and 130+ Terry Twist Machine Quilting Designs


Free Motion Hooked on Feathers Learning Video DVD

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