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Learn how to hide the "bobbles and wobbles" for BOTH Traditional Home Machine or Long Arm Quilting Machine.

I thought it might be a good idea to build the mistakes in for you with methods so forgiving that you never have to be perfect. With our techniques, the eye simply cannot catch the bobbles and wobbles and wibble-wobbles.


No matter how unsure you are about Machine Quilting, you will never have to copy me to be successful. My style of teaching came about when I discovered that I did not have the fine motor skills to make a successful sample in a very expensive class from a well-known Author and Quilting Instructor. Not even close!!! I did not want to show anyone my sample.

Using these Free Motion Machine Quilting techniques cuts your learning curve in half. The "wiggle room" patterns look good even while learning. Plus, the way you learn to look at spaces and layout your patterns make machine quilting easier. 

You never have to copy me to be successful!!!

Promise... Each book gives you the tools to the best and easiest Free Motion Machine Quilting Technique Ever even for Feathers.



Have been happily sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could put a needle in my hand. Sally Terry Designs began in 1999, instructing machine quilting, quilting for others, authoring books, and helping all piecers and quilters with creative patterns, techniques and classes they love.




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