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No doubt you may be sorting and organizing fabrics and cleaning out certain areas of your quilt room. NO? Maybe wishing you could get to it?

Have you been finding little gems of fabrics that have been hiding from you for years? I think I can hear you laughing right now as you read this.

You can image after 22 years what I have found in my randomly organized collections. Remembering when starting to machine quilt I had never completely pieced a quilt top together, clothes and garments yes, but never using our precious calicos.

I sure have discovered many UFO's, 23 years' worth of 60 quilt tops and class samples that I have put off machine quilting and stitching into real quilts. Plus, dozens of half-assembled projects with pieces carelessly thrown in plastic garbage bags.


Since moving to my new studio, (if you have wondered why I have been quiet for a while) I have experienced the beautiful happy moments of looking at every gorgeous treasured scrap of fabric again. You know that one special piece like Kaffe, Lonni Rossi or Day Lilly Fields that inspires one to dream about using it in a myriad of projects...dream on quilting sister.

Yet, finding a special place for each precious Fat Quarter or Bolt of fabric so they can be freely accessed again was a challenge for me and may challenge you to. So forget about organizing the garage or your pantry, cleaning out your car and going through your closet.....

Let's have some fun and real dream time, sorting your fabrics and notions, lace and crochet.

Here are some great ideas to make you more productive and get your projects assembled, know what you have to order online and get complete another dream project or really complete another project dream!

Sally Terry Long Arm Free Motion Quilting Machine
Sibby Nell certainly has a sense of humor... let's go girl!

JUST KIDDING, Sibby Nell is not a clothes rack... she is still quilting up a storm. Here is the latest.

Free Motion Art Quilting using blue teal variegated thread and chartreuse poly thread.

Hope you get a few great ideas to get you started sorting and destashing...

free motion wall hanging with modern leaf border fill design
Free Motion Art Quilting using blue teal variegated thread and chartreuse poly border design.

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry


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