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The Best Little Fabric Rescuer Ever is called Grandma's Secret

I am not kidding... it is Grandma's Secret that saved many a quilt fabric and garment in my Machine Quilting Studio.

One time the wheel of my quilting machine caught some loose backing fabric. And since my rails are anodized aluminum it left a dirty black mark.

Grandma's Secret to the rescue!!!

It has saved me so many times. It doesn't leave any type of residue. Even after the stain went through several washer and dryer cycles and would not come out I left Grandma's on it overnight before washing. Now the stain is gone.

It has saved me so many times. I love that it hasn't left any type of indication that it was even there, nor has it bleached out any areas so far.

One time I ordered some fabric on a bolt and discovered there was a spot on the side near the salvage edge. Probably from the rollers during printing, after using Grandma's it is gone.

I now can find it at my local quilt shop and at Hobby Lobby.

Great stuff if you are needing to spot clean something in a hurry.

My iron decided to overheat and got too hot which transfered the black inch marks from my ironing board cover to of course... white and orange fabric. Used a toothbrush to spot clean it. Grandma's once again took care of it as yyou can see in the closeup on the right. There is now spray and a jewelry cleaner...whoopee!

Be sure to test it before you try it. It is a favorite of mine and I use it regularly inmy Studio I think you will find many uses for it.

Hope this helps!

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry


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