"it is hard to know what works without spending a lot of money, and then having to return it, Thanks Sally." Sheri H.


If you are frustrated that you have not been able to use all the unique snap-on feet that are available this Genuine Bernina USA Part Snap-on Adapter in unopened original packaging will make that possible for you.

Shank 12 

This will give you a Universal Snap-On Foot Adapter that works with all Snap-on Feet that fit a Universal Fitting.


Watch the video as I stitch a sample with this Unversal Shap-on Adapter with the Parallel Foot (notincluded).   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_j7AcfN7js

Paralle Foot Available here:  https://www.sallyterry.com/product-page/parallel-foot

NEW Style Genuine Bernina USA Part Universal Snap-on Adapter

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