Most of us don't know what patterns to put where on the quilt top. The Terry Twist Rulers and Stencils do that for you with 130+ Instructional Patterns Designs for easy Layouts always included.


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Sally Terry Double Terry Twist

Terry Twist Student

“Sally Terry did a great job of freeing me from my fear of having to be perfect in my quilting. I am ready to go home & be free to create.”


Terry Twist Student

"Thank you, Sally, for including me in your mailing.  I recently had a LA student who needed to freemotion-quilt a gorgeous winter/snowman top she'd made...there were 2 borders made of 2.5" squares...perfect for your Terry Twist, right?  Well, she got so excited about them that when she completed a major portion non-stop she did a little jig, arms waving in the air and all!  Thanks for these simple yet stunning methods for completing our quilts...she'd just figured she'd ditch them...sooooooooooo boring, eh?

Sally Terry Double Terry Twist

Terry Twist Lover

I practiced and practiced and was able to finish it with little difficulty!  You were happy on my mind the entire time -- a long time!! Jane Michener

  2 Looks with 1 Set of Rulers or Stencils  

  • No more Guessing!
  • No more trying to figure out what designs to put where!
  • Mix and Match...they all Coordinate instantly for you.
  • Pick a layout from the CD and pick a size
  • Always beginner-friendly



Here is how the Terry Twist works in just minutes to create hundreds of looks and MIX N Match Styles that always coordinate.

Its design is a unique asymmetrical pattern configuration so your bobbles and wobbles disappear and you never have to be perfect because the eye simply cannot notice any imperfection.


That is your "wiggle room".

Use as for: spines, in blocks, borders, sashings, edge-to-edge, fills, meanders and much more. The Terry Twist pattern appears different in each area, yet is totally coordinated because you are just using 1 shape in hundreds of configurations. 

You often ask me "which do I choose? ...the Stencils or Rulers.


If you like Free Motion Machine Quilting is your thing, then I would recommend the Stencil Set. If you like more control then choose the Ruler Set. I seem to use the stencils about 40% of the time and templates about 60% of the time although when I started out, I thought I would use the stencils more. After all you can trace around the rulers with a marking pen and follow the marks.

For those of you with computerized machines
Terry Twist Patterns are  offered at

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Have been happily sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could put a needle in my hand. Sally Terry Designs began in 1999, instructing machine quilting, quilting for others, authoring books, and helping all piecers and quilters with creative patterns, techniques and classes they love.




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