Get the most out of your Free Motion Rulers & Stencils

Includes INSTRUCTION FOR 130+ Layout Patterns Design IDEAS


Two Looks with 1 Set of Rulers or Stencils

  • No more Guessing!
  • No more trying to figure out what designs to put where!
  • Mix and Match...they all Coordinate instantly for you.



Quick layout designs at your fingertips. 

We feel the 130+ Machine Quilting patterns and layouts

including the dimensions plus quilt examples CD ($29 Value)

that comes with your Terry Twist Set

are the most important part, saving you time.

Because we want you to love using these sets,

we did the hard work for you,

giving you oodles of layouts and patterns,

so you will get the most out of your Rulers and Stencils. 


Mini Machine Quilting Ruler Set of 5 - 1/8" Height

click on ^ PDF image and download your machine quilting pattern :)


Here is how the Terry Twist works in just minutes to create hundreds of looks and MIX N Match Styles that always coordinate.

I just could not get the corner to corner continuous-curve arc to look right. And I was tired of stitching-in-the-ditch or outlining. So one day I sat down with an Exacto blade and some Styrofoam and started cutting out an s-curve quilting pattern that would slide into the corners instead of having to sew them perfectly like the arc.


After several crazy whirlie-gig attempts the Terry Twist(R) emerged. A graceful shape that works in all directions and now you never have to be perfect with your seams and shapes again.


Its design is a unique asymmetrical pattern configuration so your bobbles and wobbles disappear and you never have to be perfect because the eye simply cannot notice any imperfection.


That is your "wiggle room".

Use as for: spines, in blocks, borders, sashings, edge-to-edge, fills, meanders and much more. The Terry Twist pattern appears different in each area, yet is totally coordinated because you are just using 1 shape in hundreds of configurations. 


I also feel if you are going to invest in a design system like rulers or stencils, get every size they make because, you will always need the one your don't have! So we worked hard to give you oodles of coordinating layout designs so you can get the most out of your rulers and stencils.

You often ask me "which do I choose? ...the Stencils or Rulers.


If you like Free Motion Machine Quilting is your thing, then I would recommend the Stencil Set. If you like more control then choose the Ruler Set. I seem to use the stencils about 40% of the time and templates about 60% of the time although when I started out, I thought I would use the stencils more. After all you can trace around the rulers with a marking pen and follow the marks.

Notice how all these patterns look different yet they were created with the same ruler/stencils set.


You will be able to create dozens and dozens of layouts, patterns and designs for blocks, sashing, borders, corner turns, edge-to-edge and meanders. Great for guy quilts too.


If you have ever felt at a lose for patterns and designs, the companion 130+ design CD will give you just the right pattern for your projects, because we have included the sizes to use to create the patterns for all areas of the quilt top.

Notice how setting up the design on a seam and placing two different designs across from one another still coordinate and look great without having to stitch a perfect mirror image...
that is "wiggle room."


I saw how so many students were overwhelmed with pattern choices and sizes and designs. I thought if I could find one design system that worked in all areas of the quilt top it would give the machine quilting more control, quicker choices and a much more coordinated took. 

Plus, I felt it was important to include the 130+ patterns (a $29 Value) with the Ruler and Stencil Sets. So I decided to include it with each purchase so you could enjoy the process and quilt happy always.


So that made the Ruler and Stencils Sets easier to use.

All you need to do it pick a layout and pick a size

and you are machine quilting.

For those of you with computerized machines
Terry Twist Patterns are  offered at

Incredible Stunning Symmetrical Teardrop 

I you decide to reverse the Asymmetrical Shape of the Terry Twist and it become and incredible beautiful Teardrop Shape. So on the CD there are 30 patterns and designs you play with.

Incredible Stunning Symmetrical Teardrop 

As far as I know this is the only beautiful true teardrop shape
ruler available with such design
versatility: 2"-9" and I have

even done 10".

Plus all the overlap shapes are perfect for feather fills!!!

Use with:


Corner Turns



Fills and more...

I could go on and on...but here are some of the important features I have packed into this design package to make your quilting decisions and quilting life easier.

  • Includes 130+ pages of designs and layouts plus quilt examples for quick decisions and so yo can get the most out of your Terry Twist Sets.

  • Rulers have round corners for extra strength so when dropped they should stay in 1 piece.

  • There are layout guides and etching for easy positioning on both Ruler and Stencil Sets.

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you are not entirely happy.

  • Permission to print out the 130+ pages at a copy center and spiral bind for easier use.

  • Includes beginner friendly machine quilting designs to get started.

  • Shapes go from 2"-9" with Ruler Set and 2",3",4",6",9",12" with Stencil Set for Mix and Match coordinating designs.

  • Endless spine and corner turn layouts for all size projects.

  • Compatible with endless feathers, curls, ribbons, sprites. tendrils, and ferns leaves fill and meanders.

Sally Terry Double Terry Twist

“Sally Terry did a great job of freeing me from my fear of having to be perfect in my quilting. I am ready to go home & be free to create.”

Terry Twist Student


"Thank you, Sally, for including me in your mailing.  I recently had a LA student who needed to freemotion-quilt a gorgeous winter/snowman top she'd made...there were 2 borders made of 2.5" squares...perfect for your Terry Twist, right?  Well, she got so excited about them that when she completed a major portion non-stop she did a little jig, arms waving in the air and all!  Thanks for these simple yet stunning methods for completing our quilts...she'd just figured she'd ditch them...sooooooooooo boring, eh?

Terry Twist Student

Sally Terry Double Terry Twist

I practiced and practiced and was able to finish it with little difficulty!  You were happy on my mind the entire time -- a long time!! Jane Michener

Terry Twist Lover

BONUSES ON Terry Twist CD:

  1. Corner Turns and Corner Turn Sequences

  2. Block Sashing and Corners Turn Sequence

  3. Center Cross Designs for sashing and sashing blocks

  4. Borders Patterns, Layout Designs, Corners

  5. Dozens of coordinating Block Designs

  6. Actual quilt sample photographs with design suggestions

  7. Teardrop Pattern Layouts for elegant and dense feathering patterns

  8. Layouts for Random Block Quilts like Turning 20 and Alter Ego for faster stitching

  9. 9-Patch and 4-Patch Designs

  10. Rectangle and Octagonal Designs

  11. Baby Quilt and Boy Quilt Patterns

  12. Dozen of technique how-tos

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