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Machine Quilting Business Help When you are alone in your studio...

I want to help others on their path to what we all love and cherish, quilting, fabric and friends. Cannot imagine a better combination to build a career around can you? Oh yes, and let's not forget our studio pets, cats, dogs, birds.....

It is tough to turn your passion into a business. After all you are a doer, not a planner. And, you are alone in your studio, a true solopreneur.

Our online Business Classes and Downloadable Help focuses on the psychological marketing aspects that no other business course available does. You can find other business courses for less and not get the true strategies and customer service suggestions that keep your customers loyal and keep your business thriving.


Now, the hard part is over, you have taken a giant step, you are ready to open your doors. Yet, when you have to make a decision it would sure be nice to have a second opinion from someone who has experienced it starting a Machine Quilting Business in 3 different cities...who does that??? Would have loved to have a bit of experienced guidance on buying batting and taking deposits upfront to fund the startup purchases.

We put together a great resources for you. A complete course that spans 3 years, ALL with a focus on marketing. No other course comes close to giving you the marketing strategies every step of the way...that's what keeps them coming back :)

Check out the Biz Course, scroll through the lecture sections...It is full of goodies you may not have thought about! To your business sustaining success.

not a question...thanks for "reeling" me back in...have had a dry spell...but creative rains are falling thanks to your encouragement!  Susan



Thank you sooo much.  You are very special in that you share so much of what you know.  I always enjoy your classes and this one much more than the usual 'class'.


Chicago, IL

Thank you!!! I really am looking forward to going over the information. I love your idea of handling freebies with Friends and Family.


Seattle, WA

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  • Use well thought out Pricing Strategies that work.

  • Get the important aspect of marketing every step of your way.

  • Approach your business from your customer's point of view.

  • Use your creative talents and make money doing what you love.

  • Love to work from home and enjoy a nice supplimental income, full time or part time.

  • Use pricing strategies to keep you competitive.

  • Separate your business from the competition right away.

  • Know where to go to find new customers.

  • Rekindle old customers.

  • Learn powerful ways to keep customers loyal.

  • How to structure products and services that your customers want.

  • What to focus on in each of the 1st 3 years.

  • Find your special niche.

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