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For Machine Quilting Traditional Domestic to Longarm Quilting Machines
Trunk Show, Lecture, Demo, Hands-On     All Levels


Light Hearted Feathers

Find out if your are 'right feathered' or 'left feathered' and then find the feather that you love and works best for you.

Friendly with Ruler and Stencil Spines

Create beautiful Free Motion Machine Quilting Designs and Patterns using Stencils and Rulers you already have. 

Beginners "wiggle room"

Free Motion Machine Quilt your first patterns and designs without being afraid. All machine quilting designs come with "wiggle room" so you never have to be perfect.

Skillful Free Motion

Get a variety of Free Motion Freedom Techniques that will give you oodles of ideas and Machine Quilting Patterns for your upcoming projects for the competent beginner to advanced.

Machine Quilting with Rulers

Use your ruler foot for easily stitched perfect patterns. Learn to coordinate your hands to hold the ruler, move fabric and keep ruler stable for smooth stitching.

Free Motion Fills & Meanders

Get a variety of Free Motion Freedom patterns and designs are easily stitched creating backgrounds that accent your piecing. Learn how to divide spaces and machine quilting continuous-lines with less marking.

Hooked On Feathers

Fun, fast and no backtracking! Learn the most forgiving feather ever. Perfect for the beginner and versatile for advanced machine quilters.

Modern Quilts and Straight-line Quilting

​Explore patterns and designs for the Modern Quilt. We'll use all those great decorative stitches on your domestic machine creating unique quilting patterns. Learn how make straight lines straight and designs that look great repeated. Together we explore Step-by-Step Quilt Pattern Planning Strategies for your quilts. All Levels

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