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Can you use dehumidified water in your iron?

I have lots of humidity in Florida where I live. And with all the ironing of fabric and quilt tops, I run out of distilled water frequently.

One day I was emptying the dehumidifier and need more distilled water for my iron... and I thought could I use the dehumidified water instead of distilled water in my irons?

I bravely tried it and found there was no difference in the performance or maintenance of my iron. This is great news!

If your dehumidifier is clean the water is the same as distilled water for use in such appliances as an iron, car radiators, etc.

It is not recommended for drinking or use for animals.

If you are curious about the difference between distilled and dehumidified water here is a great link you can read that explains the difference >>>

By the way, I have several irons, one with a large pressurized steam tank, a mini and a regular iron. There always seems to be questions on Facebook about what iron is the best for quilting. Believe me, I have used all from Rowenta to Sunbeam. My favorite is the $19.99 Sunbeam I found at Biglots. Unfortunately, I used tap water as they recommended but that did not work well with all the minerals in the water here in Florida. Ugg...

So I hope this helps. I am sharing my distilled water with my quilting friends down the street too and they love it too.

Right now I have a Black & Decker iron and retired the Sunbeam.

Yours in the love of quilting, Sally


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