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Have you decided to finally make your quilted Tree Skirt?

There are endlessly creative tree skirt quilt patterns available, round, 6-sided, 4-sided or undecided.

You can also fold fabric and cut like a snowflake...

Maybe you have truly forgotten the tree skirt pattern in your stack of patterns. Check your patterns, it may be patiently waiting there for you and Christmas. Or, did you already start one and just haven't found the time to finish it.

Before life starts getting in the way, it is time to positively start your tree skirt for this year! Pinky swear! This is such a beautiful time of the year so make it special for you, family and friends. I am going to do the snowflake technique and then cover it with crocheted doilies just piling them up around the base of the tree.

Let's begin your tree skirt.

  1. Randomly grab approximately +/- 2.5 yards of fabric:

red and green fabrics

white and gold fabrics

white and silver fabrics

white and red fabrics

white and green fabrics

combinations of above

2. Lovingly assemble that beautiful tree skirt and sew happy!

tree skirt with poinsetta quilting pattern
Kathy B's scrappy tree skirt, quilting is in gold thread using a poinsettia pattern

IT IS UTTERLY WAY BIGGER THAN YOU THOUGHT - Most are minimum 55" - 60" square which means your backing and batting are approximately 62" - 68" which means about 2.5 yards +

As I machine quilted, I stitched two round circles in the center of her tree skirt, making it possible to easily away the center whole and keeping the fabric totally stabilized.

Christmas tree skirt is double batted with scrimmed cotton batting and high loft poly and stitched with silver metallic thread
Christmas tree skirt is double batted using cotton batting with scrim and high loft poly and machine quilted in silver metallic thread.

3. Piece your backing from scraps or whatever fabric you love and is meaningful to you. My neighbor and quilting friend used 20+ year old Judy Rothermel Scotty dogs with red bows on a white background. Such a cute choice don't you think?!

Scotty dogs fabric with red bows by Judy Rothermel
This is Amy's fabric, delightfully adorable Scotty dogs with red bows. Here I am matching the seam, hence the pin.


4. Pick your binding and simply decide how you are going to close your tree skirt opening: ric-rac, ribbon, cording, binding tape, binding fabric.

5. Choose your batting: single batting or double batting.

6. Decide on the quilting pattern from straight-line machine quilting, stitch-in-the-ditch, to eloquently patterned designs for the season. Amazingly you are almost done.

7. Bind: - flange binding

- sewn traditional binding

- sew binding to back and bring around and stitch down with decorative thread and decorative stitches on your sewing machine - wrap backing over for self binding

8. PUT UP YOUR TREE, break out the eggnog AND START DECORATING

I hope this helps!

Quilt happy always, yours in the love of quilting,

Sally Terry

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