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More Fabric Shenanigans on NEW Fabric Color Remix Show

With all quilting fabric you have accumulated over the years are you playing with new color and style combinations?

I am as well. Then my dear friend Janet decided to Destash her Rare Vintage Civil War Reproduction Fabrics! Oh No! I could not resist. And that is good for you!

12 Large Priority Boxes arrived packed with amazing fabric collections, Cheddar, Shirting and so much more.

Right now with the help of my Sister in Quilting Tina, an expert specializing in Civil War Fabric, we are hoping to put together soon Limited Editions of Rare Civil War Fabric.

In fact, in her Quilt Shop in Paducah "The Guild" on Broadway, quilters would call from all over the USA for Tina to create beautiful custom individual kits of Civil War Fabrics and quilt patterns.

So here we GO! FABRIC COLOR REMIX is a new series videoing our shenanigans through an incredible Rare Collection of Civil War Era Reproduction Fabric.

Yours in the love of quilting.



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