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This is exciting! Limited Edition Collections of Rare Civil War Reproduction Fabrics happening now.

Excited for sure, over the moon, Yes! These limited edition collections of rare Civil War Production Fabrics from Tina's former quilt shop in Paducah are released.

A self-proclaimed "Civil War Fabric Snob" Tina loves the Windham Fabrics Collection. So after many many years of serious hording, her hand-picked fabric kits and collections for you Civil War Fabric lovers are here.

Some may still have Tina's The Guild Quilt Shop tags on them.

Just imagine, you can add to your current selection, or start one of your own or swap fabric with your friends.

Think how beautiful they will look in a Patriotic Quilt, wall hanging and use with even more current trendy modern patterns if you use a shirting for the background fabric instead of a solid. Plus there is always room for a door hanging, table runner or rocker throw.

From Fabric Color Remix Episode. Collections contain 18 - 22 Windham Fabrics Fat Quarters.

Start or complete the quilt you have always wanted to make. Maybe you have hung on to your Civil War Fabrics not knowing how to work with them. Some limited editions will include a Quilt Pattern with your collection to get you started.

For a limited time there is no charge for shipping with over $40 in purchases from

So here we GO! Here is another FABRIC COLOR REMIX video with a walk through some of Tina's theory on colorful Civil War Era Reproduction Fabric.

Yours in the love of quilting.



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