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Using Different Areas of Rulers and Stencils for Endless Designs

When you run out of ideas and every block could be different what do you do?

Reach for your rulers and stencils and look for all the pattern areas you can find.

Then use this wonderful tape Glow-Line Tape by Omnigrid and mark the different areas.

This is the fun part. I usually can mix and match about 6-10 areas of a stencil lot of designs and interesting patterns.

See how many you can find in my favorite Chantelle Stencil by The Stencil Co.

  • Can you find a spine?

  • Can you find a fill suggestion?

  • Would you shrink or enlarge the quilting pattern?

  • Can you repeat the center portion by rotating it in a square?

  • Could you leave the center portion out?

I also mark my cutting rulers and my machine quilting rulers. And, instead of just using a magic marker I can write right on the tape so there is no doubt what design or fabric I am using if for more accurate quilting.

Many quilt shops will carry this great marking tape.

Sometimes I can peel it off and reuse it as well. :)

It is double purposed for piecers and machine quilters. You will probably find more uses than my examples.

Hope this helps.

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry


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