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Fastest Way To Change Machine Quilting Threads

Don't re-thread your machine. The fastest way to change your machine quilting threads is to use the embroidery tie off when you change threads.

You can even use this technique for sergers, embroidery machines and home machine too.

I have been using this technique for years and would demonstrate how to change your quilting threads at every class I taught.

So now I have finally put it in a video for you. It will become your favorite way to change your threads. So to all of you out there who keep saying to publish is your video on YouTube >>>

When you use the embroidery tie off on your longarm, midarm, shortarm or even home machine you will discover how is easy and quick you can change your machine quilting threads, serger threads, embroidery threads...etc.

No more re-threading your machine!!! What a time saver that is especially if you are changing threads often like I am right now on a Appliqued Christmas Quilt.

Applique Christmas Quilt Machine Quilting by Sally Terry
Applique Christmas Quilt Machine Quilting by Sally Terry
Using YLI red and green poly twist in the red and green areas, Glide gold and Robison-Anton white poly with a red and white variegated thread by Valdani. Change to each color per advance and then will go back in and do the border in gold thread. It is really an charming old fashioned country look so the designs I have chosen are older country style traditional machine quilting patterns.

A great tip for all piecers and longarmers.

When you are changing thread on your machine, pull the thread forward at the needle. Do not pull it out toward the back or toward the spool or cone. It can change the tension setting on the tensioner spring and possibly may even do more pull your old thread out through or just above the needle eye from the front of the machine.

Your quilting machine will love you for it!!!

Be sure to read the YouTube description as you watch.

This is a favorite way to change threads by machine quilters and piecers.

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