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What are you doing with your old crocheted pieces?

Are there old crocheted pieces in your closet? And you cannot bare to get rid of them?!

My Uncle Sam who was Post Master of a small Iowa town crocheted beautiful dresses for his daughter's dolls and for my Barbie Doll too! Just looking at them you can recognize the amazing skill and talent of his elegant pineapple crochet pattern tablecloths. (shown left below)

Wanting to use them, I have been draping them over my fireplace mantle (just pulled them out of the closet without pressing, too much in a hurry) and as my tabletop Christmas Tree skirt. The hankies and smaller pieces end up on the tree.

So to be able to enjoy my uncle's work as well as my Grandma Sibby's crocheted tablecloths and bedspreads, I am in the process of putting together a fabric kit and a how-to for preserving these precious pieces. More on that later.


The pieces are dingy since they have been stored in closets, plastic bags, basements, and trunks.

To help brighten these precious pieces I discovered Retro-Clean. I use a big old yellow gold Tupperware bowl. It has cleaned and freshened up so many little crochet and linen doilies like this one for Feathers Quilt by The Pattern Basket.

You can likely find it at your local quilt shop. And here is a video I found online, a great video on how to use Retro Clean by Linda's Electric Quilting on Youtube click to see the video >> here.

Hope that helps you renew and enjoy your treasured memories.

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry


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