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How To Pick a Machine Quilting Design

This is the hardest part, picking your machine quilting design. They say to pick the machine quilting patterns then choose a quilting pattern that goes with your theme and style.

To me that is way too much work. We fall in love with the fabric then we have to get the pattern or maybe it is a reverse order, none the less we finally have it all together.

Next comes the style...

This information can also help you find the perfect machine quilting design easily when you take your quilt tops to a professional machine quilter

  • Traditional Fabric - pick a traditional block and find a traditional machine quilting pattern that is simple and open. Feathers, loops, simple stippling, parallel lines and outlining or echo quilting. This is a more open type of pattern that reflects. hand quilting. This takes the least amount of quilting.

  • Non-Traditional Fabric - pick a non-traditional block, put your blocks on point, or use an asymmetrical block arrangement. Use machine quilting patterns that use light and shadow like contemporary parallel lines, zig-zags, or angled patterns especially if the machine quilting pattern is hard to see because of strong colors and patterns. This type of quilting may be open or denser depending on the quilt top style. This quilt is a collection of clothing from swimsuits to wool golf pants to blazers and suit jacket linings.

You can find parallel stencils that work for both traditional and non-traditional quilt blocks and quilt fabrics here.

  • Art Quilts - use the densest quilting of all. It can also be thread painting and embellishments. This takes lots of thread and lots of hours of close intricate work but it is worth every stitch. If you love the complexity of design this is for you.

One word of caution...please don't stitch with a bare needle which means without a presser foot to protect your needle. We recommend a free motion foot, darning foot, or a ruler foot. A clear foot also works well. Since you most likely will have the feed dogs down you may be flexing the needle so be careful.

Rulers help a great deal, straight rulers, curved rulers, and circular rulers. Click here for resources we use in our own studio. ,

I hope this helps you make your choices easier so you can get your quilts done!

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry

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