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Sneak Peak - Watch Our First Fabric Color Remix Show

FABRIC COLOR REMIX - USING WHAT YOU HAVE, and no color wheel needed!

Do you immediately fall in love with certain color combinations ...and think you may want to change it up and use some different color combinations?

During the past months I have found there is a good chance that there are fabrics already in my studio, that I have hung on to, yet have no idea what to do with them.

Can you play with fabrics for hours and then put your color combinations aside because you cannot see the finished project? Sound familiar? Well let's change that.

If you have lots of wonderful fabrics to play with in your stash yet you are holding off putting them together we are mixing and remixing fabrics every week to help you coordinate fabric and styles.

Now I think it is time to share with you and help you create the most incredibly beautiful quilting projects during our new weekly Fabric Color Remix Show on Facebook.



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