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Cinnamon, Apple Cider and Sewing

This is a great time for sewing simpler projects.

The Holidays are coming up and there are lots of adorable UFO wish-listy "saving-the-fabrics-for-projects" you probably have been wanting to make. Yet, time is so precious...

These few words should help you come up with a few projects that you may have been thinking of doing.


There are lots of smaller projects that you can do that will work in well and coordinate with all of these events and add a festive touch to your home and frequented spaces.

Just one big scrappy fabric wreath could hang inside, over a mirror or picture, and then when the occasion calls for it displayed outside on the front door, on a garden shepherd's hook, or on the front of your Jeep or golf cart.

Throw your old favorite faded quilt over the back seat of your car or put it on the back window ledge. Be sure to add some cinnamon sticks for ambiance in your car. Put cinnamon under the door mat where it will get crushed and release a wonderful aroma when stepped on.

I drape my old quilts (never folded) casually over the corner of the sofa so I can spend some time enjoying its presence for a month or two. Layer an old crocheted tablecloth with it. I know that if I had a kitty this would be a favorite cozy spot for napping.

So think of small fast projects. Use scraps that are colorful for the season.

To accomplish this, use patterns that can be scaled down to wall hanging, throw or crib size.

If the pattern is small use brighter colors with a few contrasting colors.

Consider chain piecing, it always makes things go wonderfully faster.

This is Pinwheel Parade with strip pieced stars and the leftover cuts that quickly make the smaller sashing pieces.

See what patterns you have that you can make in 4 patches, pillows, three block squares or just three blocks vertically.

Here are a few fabulous easy patterns that look great big and small. One block would even make a great accent pillow.


18" and 9" blocks

I have made about 10 quilts from this single pattern.

Pinwheel Parade - crib to queen and smaller

This is the pattern I used with the Kaffe fabrics above.

It was fun and a lot faster than I thought.

Hope this helps! Quilt Happy and Happy Quilting! Sally


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