If you need help completing your project so you can mail or gift or sleep under your quilt :)

Whether it's a unique quilt with:

regular lovable quilt top

Unusual surface embellishments

Quilt Show Entry





Special Custom


We start at .02/sq. inch, call for an approximate amount call 863-578-4585
to get started.

Machine Quilting Services by Sally Terry

In case you are thinking...why is Sally Machine Quilting for others in Jacksonville, FL? Why, because for 20 years I love it! I love helping piecers complete their latest project. Together we are making it a finished quilt to be given as a gift, hang in a show, or to snuggle under.

And I do not feel I can teach others to Machine Quilt if I am not doing what other machine quilters are doing. It is also important to use the latest fabrics, threads, designs and techniques.

Pricing starts at .02 per/sq/in and can be up to .10 per/sq/in for Custom and Show Quilting. Be sure to give me a call for an approximate quote. I carry Hobb's 80/20 Natural and White Batting plus others and loads of backing fabric by the yard, plus a large selection of threads including specialty threads and variegated. Binding can be done by hand or machine.

...why not give me a call and see what we can do to help you get your quilt finished 1-863-578-4585

Put mouse to left or right on images below for machine quilting ideas and a scrolling Customer Quilting Slide Show.



Have been happily sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could put a needle in my hand. Sally Terry Designs began in 1999, instructing machine quilting, quilting for others, authoring books, and helping all piecers and quilters with creative patterns, techniques and classes they love.




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