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Machine Quilting Classes & Lectures & Piecing Classes with Sally Terry

Awarded IMQA International Machine Quilting Association Instructor of the Year

My style of teaching all came about when I discovered that I did not have the fine motor skills to make a successful sample in a very expensive class from a well known Author and Quilting Instructor. Not even close!!! So I decided to build the mistakes in creating methods and techniques so forgiving that you never have to be perfect.


With "wiggle room" built into every fun forgiving technique, tool, pattern and design layout, you may just find your quilting life changed forever.

We all started with a petrifying moment when we plugged in our machine and holding our breath, turned it on for the first time. Yikes! I can still remember that feeling, can't you?

Now we have oodles of choices that tug at us and a project in every room. If your group from 1 to 200+ needs a gentle nudge of creativity, a bit of inspiration and wants a joyful presentation that gets everyone wanting to run to their machine and start quilting then Sally's Lectures, Classes and Presentations are for you.

Looking for a Program or a Retreat?

How about a fun, creative and inspiring presentation with ideas flying everywhere which may even result in colorful dreams about fabric :)

You may have been there when I was teaching and my skirt caught in the escalator. Or gashed my eye brow open, or piled in a car with 7 other instructors and luggage just to meet you in the classroom.

If you need someone who can instruct on both long arm and domestic machines for your next retreat I am there for you. Take advantage of my extensive teaching background (19 years), an old faithful digital projector, shuttle experience of the highest caliber and adept at running in airports without shoes. Plus, you can also change it up a bit with piecing and free motion applique techniques to fill out your schedule.

To check my availability to speak or teach at your event just call me

Sally Terry at 863-578-4585 or email me at

  • Machine Quilting Classes for All Levels from Beginning Machine Quilter to Advanced by Sally Terry.

  • All techniques cross-over to both Domestic Traditional Sewing Machines to Long Arm Quilting Machines.

  • Each class can be instantly adapted to your class skill level which can include multiple skill levels at the same time.

Classes: 3-6 Hours or Individual Class 1.5 Hr

Keynote: 45 Minutes-1 Hour

Trunk Show & Meet and Great

Pattern Handouts/Kits Available

All Skill Levels

Machine Quilting Classes with Sally Terr
Floating Rectangles Machine Quilted by S

Scared to turn on your machine? Learn right at your own machine with specially designed courses for quicker learning.


1. "Wiggle Room" Patterns and Techniques 

2.  Easy quick designs without being overwhelmed.
3.  Pattern layouts planned out for you.

4.  Quick short cuts and tips.


Language of Quilting - Keynote and Hands-on

“I really like critiquing of quilt tops.”

“Best class! Wish this one had been first. This was so helpful for choosing quilting designs for the quilt tops.”

“Fun class! Always learn something!”

“Great information”

“Sally gave us more info for the beginners on long are quilting than anyone ever before, and in a short period of time. Way to go Sally!!”

“This class must be on the first day! It would have been so much more useful and saved me from falling behind in other classes where I tried to figure out a design, where to take it etc.. I believe it would greatly benefit new quilters and beginners to be early on…”

“Sally made me feel that this was within my reach. Lovely, very personable instructor.”

“The class was great.”

“Fun & Excellent – Great ideas. What more could & quilter want from a class.”

“Very good – will be back”

“Sally Terry is very encouraging.”


“Very informative & enjoyable”

“I only have a regular sewing machine and was not happy at first but I ended up loving the class and getting a lot out of it!”

Hooked on Feathers

“The teacher and materials were excellent.”

“Sally is such a character. She made everyone feel welcome (and entertained!) Loved the Hooked on Feathers and even though I have been long-arming for 7 years, I picked up several good pointers from the Free Motion class.”

“instructor covered technique very well, enjoyed her personality!”

“Sally made the class a lot of fun!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class, very informative”

“The workshop itself was wonderful”

“As always – a fun informative class!”

“Great, I learned so much”

“Great class, very personable.”

“Sally did great job”

“Good info and upbeat teacher”

“Very easy technique, excellent demo”

“Teacher was fun & easy to understand”

“Very informative & personal. Loved it.”

“good technique, interesting.”

“a little hard to grasp the concept at first but when it kicked in it was amazing.”

“easy to follow, great handout, sense of humor”

“Great class. I am amazed that I can do what she shows us. Practical uses, easy transfer of technique for various kinds of quilts, borders, sashing, blocks, etc. Thanks!”

“Hi; I took “Hooked on Feathers” at Innovations with you recently. I have been drawing these. Today was the first time I tried a sample and even bad feathers are incredibly pretty. I am hooked! I adored your class.”

“I would like to say thank you for your inspiration. I had the wonderful opportunity of taking two classes from you at MQS in Kansas. It was my first MQS show and you were an inspiration.

Thank you for your Hooked on Feathers technique.

Great classes!”

“Sally is fun, energetic, enthusiastic, and very informative. Great hand-outs!”

“Excellent presentation. Captured and interacted with audience.”

“Great sense of humor, very informative.”

Quilt Top to Quilted  Book 


“Felt like we barely scratched the surface. This lady is a wealth of information. Plan to take more classes from her.”

"This is the best quilting book I have ever read." Student Pine Tree Quilt Show

"WOW, WOW, WOW I love this book. It talks exactly about what I am doing and want to do. Thank you Sally"

Free Motion Freedom Fills and Meanders

“Thanks for the great tips & ideas!”

“Wonderful class!!”

“This was so much fun.”

“I am a hand quilter but was impressed by the machine work – if only I could get a machine like that – I’d machine quilt.”

“Lots of info given. Loved the handouts!”

“This is my 3rd class from Sally & it won’t be my last! She gives ideas that are exactly what you have been looking for.”

“Thank you for telling me it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

“Great information, great handouts, exercises. Very willing to take questions & inspire.”

“Loved it! Lots of great ideas – very high energy teacher – lots of discussion – great format.”

Free Motion Freedom for Beginners

“I have let my machine sit for over 6 months. I learned more the first hour than I could imagine. I’m crankin up the machine Monday morning!”

“Class should be all day.”

“Wonderful tips & information”

“Loved it!”

“Absolutely awesome teacher & class!! Sally gave some wonderful tips!! Took lots of notes.”

“Great teacher”

“Good class”

Hooked On Feathers Class

“This is the 2nd class I took from Ms. Terry. I learned even more in the 2nd class then I did in the 1st. She has inspired me to go for it. Thanks for having her.”

“Loved Sally – great personality & teacher. She truly loves what she doesJ”

“Organized disorder. Sally always makes class fun while teaching bunches! Time goes too fast in her classes!”

“Great book Hooked On Feathers!”

“Excellent handout – Sally is tops!”

“Sally is a wonderful teacher. She is very funny and very encouraging!”

“I love her Class!!”

“excellent presentation – the camera helped!!”

“Very good class”

“This works! Thanks so much.”

“Very interesting technique – good ideas.”

Terry Twist & A Splash of Inspiration

“Nice job. Great information. You handled the teaching really well. Can’t wait until I can get home and practice.”

“As usual had a great time in class. Sally was great. Lots of good ideas. Fun. Whiteboard was used well.”

“method makes sense”

“Sally Terry did a great job of freeing me from my fear of having to be perfect in my quilting. I am ready to go home & be free to create.”

“Very enjoyable to have hands on!”

“Great class”“Great teacher”  “Wonderful. Great ideas.”“Fun class – new ideas, great handouts.”

“Very enthusiastic” “exceptionally good handout” “Great class! So much good info & clear instruction – also lots of encouragement!”

“Lots of ideas built on basics”

“Good information – stayed on subject.”

“had much info”

“great ideas & the teacher was wonderful!”

Free Motion Feathers

“Class was given in such a way that it was easy to comprehend. Sally is easy to understand. Great teacher!”

“Very good handouts – Instructor very prepared and enjoyable!”

“She does an excellent job of encouraging you to do your own thing.”

“Loved it!”

“Fun & informative.”

“Good to be able to have ‘Hands On’”

“After 4 days of non-stop quilt stuff, my creative juices have just exploded all over the longarm! Thanks.”

“Very good & interesting”

“Fun and very helpful”

“Excellent handout – best I received.”

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