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Your Machine Quilting Service Digital Downloads and Videos

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You are alone in your studio with no one to bounce ideas off of and you could be really use some solid advice when you need to make a decision?
Here are 3 Digital e-books for you to get specific answers for machine quilting services questions. We all deal with these concerns, so here is quick solid advice to successfully guide you to a satisfactory solution for you and your customers.


Sally Terry Machine Quilting Studio

Thanks for "reeling" me back in...have had a dry spell...but creative rains are falling thanks to your encouragement!  Susan



Thank you sooo much.  You are very special in that you share so much of what you know.  I always enjoy your classes and this one much more than the usual 'class'.


Chicago, IL

Thank you!!! I really am looking forward to going over the information. I love your idea of handling freebies with Friends and Family.


Seattle, WA

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Growing Your Machine Quilting Service Courses

Let's get your doors open because you don't have to do it alone!

  • get a clear path for growing a home machine business
  • receive a thorough plan for the first 3 years
  • use scripts, check-list, resources, step-by-step instruction
  • how to price products and services
  • take advantage of marketing strategies
  • deal with your competition
  • watch 24/7 forever
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Great marketing strategies for small quilt shops too!

Maybe you've been thinking about starting a Professional Machine Quilting Service Business, not sure it would be right for you. OR...Maybe you have already started your business and it is not going as well as you want, not enough orders.


Maybe you feel worried about pricing services and products. We cover that.


You may even be afraid to machine stitch on someone else's quilt top. We give you confidence
and help you use the right patterns and tools when you start out so you look good without being perfect.


When I started my business 22 years ago my quilting machine was in the larger bedroom and we slept in the guest room. I worked days and quilted until 10 at night. There was a roll of batting in the dining room that was bigger around than the dining room table. I was making very little money while other Machine Quilters in my area had lots of business. Plus most potential customers did not have a lot of money to spend on professional machine quilting...yet most of them had dozens and dozens of tops that needed my services.


This course walks you through the process. A lot has changed and I am still machine quilting for my first customer of 22 years ago. I am still quilting today and can give you insight into what you will be experiencing because I am experiencing it today as well.


You'll love how your life will change and possibly you too could soon quit your job and machine quilt full time from home. And then proudly sign your quilts because YOU DID IT!

Check it have nothing to lose and just one tip will make your amount back many times over.


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