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Machine Quilting Beginner-Friendly Videos and Instruction
Design Layout and Patterns for Free Motion Machine Quilting

Free Motion Feather Instructional Videos Set of 3

I am a new longarm quilter, and I truly appreciate the encouragement and manner you have of presenting information about quilting. Your techniques make quality quilting seem very achievable, even for a beginner.”

Maybe you just got your first longarm and you want to machine quilt your own quilts and love love love feathers.

Here are 3 In-depth Feather How-To Videos that will teach you great feathering. 


Each video gives you 40 minutes of solid step-by-step direction so that you have successful results right away without the short casual do-as-I-do instruction-Blocks, Borders, Corner Turns, Sashings, Meanders, and Fills.

You will love how your feathers look! ~Sally 

Free Motion Fast and Easy

Free Motion Feathers Instruction - Beginner Friendly

Hi, I got your book recently. I have been drawing these “Hooked on Feathers”. Today was the first time I tried a sample and even bad feathers are incredibly pretty. I am hooked! I adored your book.” Terri B.

Once you watch the feathers being stitched you will be able to pencil quilt along or stitch right at your machine. When you use the simple technique I show you, there will be a perfect feather in the first five to ten feathers you stitch.

Let your Feathering Begin!


Free Motion Feathers Video

How To Run Threads Instructional Video

"Hi Sally,  I watched the cd twice now and like it very much.  The information is helpful and eye-opening.  It is clear, interesting, and concise.  I appreciate you letting me preview it.  My career background was in training and I can honestly say it is a very well done production.  I wish you good luck with it.  Thank you also for the paper handout.  I refer to it all the time.

Marilou Spears"

As my Grandmother Sibby used to say: "you can take a sewing machine out well and put it away sick, or take it out sick and put it away well."


67-minute instruction covers all aspects of threads' little hidden characteristics and uses 15 different thread examples so that you will instantly know how to adjust the top and bottom tension.

Learn to recognize why it broke just by looking at the end of the broken thread.

My most popular quilt show class and guild lecture and is created for both longarm and home quilting machines. ~Sally

Run Special Thread

How To Quilt From Home and Have A Successful Machine Quilting Service


Are you ready to start charging for your Machine Quilting?

Did you buy a longarm for your personal use and now all your friends want you to machine quilt for them? Get practical advice and step-by-step guide how to grow your business, price products and services and deal with friends' quilts with zero to a tiny investment.

Because online learning is so popular you can get professional low cost marketing suggestions for your business 24/7 on any device in this complete guide.

We cover your first three years that can grow your income and resources as you go.


Use the link below for more information, there is also a discount in the link for checking it out.

Are you ready to start your Machine Quilting Business?
Start a Machine Quiilting Business in a Quilt Shop
Make Machine Quilting Your Homebased Business

Maybe you've been thinking about starting a Professional Machine Quilting Business, and not sure it would be right for you.


OR...Maybe you have already started your business and it is not going as well as you want, nobody is calling.

Either way Building Your Professional Machine Quilting Business Course will help.

The truth is when I started my business 20 years ago my quilting machine was in the larger bedroom and we slept in the guest room. I worked days full time and quilted until 10 at night. There was a roll of batting in the dining room corner that was bigger around than the dining room table. I was making very little money while other Machine Quilters in my area had lots of business. Plus most potential customers did not have a lot of money to spend for professional machine quilting...yet most of them had dozens and dozens of tops that needed my services.

I have designed a Premium Course that walks you through the process. And you receive simple inexpensive marketing strategies every step-by-step of the way that is transforming. If you are strapped for time you only have to invest about 2 hours a week, or 30 minutes a day.


A lot has changed and I am still machine quilting for my first customer of 20 years ago. You'll love how your life will change and possibly you too could soon quit your job and machine quilt full time from home.


To get you started here is a 6 Step Guide To A Professional Machine Quilting Business. This will take you through the first steps toward building your own profitable business.

There is no other course available that focuses on your business with marketing strategies every step of the way. If you need help with marketing in ways you may have never thought of-- it is in this course.


We also build in an edge for you over your competition in an extensive Pricing Module so your customers will want to buy from you and keep coming back.


Plus you will want to follow the Plan for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3+.

...I understand you could Google the information but you would not get the transformation. 

Now, get your Guide and get your Machine Quilting Business started.

Online Business Class

Free Motion Feathers - Go From Beginner to Advanced Up-Close Video Online 24/7

We give you control of your Feathers, smooth them out, and embellish feathers for greater density plus, give you "wiggle room" so you never have to be perfect.

Feathers define the quilt and feathering defines the quilter. There is a misconception that feathers take a lot of time to learn and quilt. So NOT true! After you complete this Beginner Friendly Free Motion Feather Course you will be able to make them up as you go.

Because we feel that when you learn the 4 feather styles you should have oodles and oodles of patterns and layout designs at your fingertips to use when you want them. So, we give you feather patterns and layout designs, lots of them.

This Free Motion Feather Course grows with you as your skills develop with Sally's style of teaching. With over 5.5 hours of technique compared to an average 20 minute online course for $19-24 this course would sell for over $350 instead of the amount of about 10.00 per hour of instruction with coupon >>>30OFF. 

Online Feather Class
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