Feathers Quilt Pattern & Machine Quilting Pattern Video

This yummy pattern is patchwork and not paper-pieced, so that if you are not fond of paper piecing you will love the thorough extremely easy to follow directions. I have had piecing beginners take this class; it was all happy faces and smiles with their first block.

I recommend doing all the left facing birds first then do the right facing birds second. Cut out all your background pieces then grab three Min N Match contrasting fabrics for each bird, making them all different. Use larger prints for the wing.

To help you complete your fabulous quilt, we created a Specially Priced Set of 3.
(1) Feathers Pattern, (2) Pattern Pack and (3) Free Motion Pattern Video for Machine Quilting
so you can quilt leaves as beautiful as feathers and receive oodles of uuuuu's and haaaaa's.

This is the technique that the machine quilting is based which I used on this quilt. It will give you a great starting point. You may even want to share it with your Professional Machine Quilter for design and layout suggestions.

Choose the pattern individually or get the companion learning videos and pattern pack Set of 3:

Feathers Pattern by The Pattern Basket

Set of 3 Companion Pattern Pack with Feathers Pattern and Pattern Video




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