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YEY! Ann Sowell-Sarles Wins 2 Ribbons

Congratulations on your Blue Ribbon Quilt! What a talented Quilter, especially when it comes to Ann's applique skills. Ann worked really hard on these quilts. This Vintage Valentine Quilt was a 5 year project. It is masterful in the applique and I did everything I could with free motion machine quilting to complement all of Ann's hard work. I think it took about 2 solid weeks to free motion machine quilt the feather trellises.

We also had fun with her Double Split Diamonds Star. The main shapes for the Custom Machine Quilting are circles and arcs with lots and lots of feather fills.

Ann you look fabulous, next to your Honorable Mention Ribbon. Thrilled for you...cannot wait to see your next project.

Congratulations, you deserve it! So blessed to have you trust me with your quilts.

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