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For My Professional Quilting Friends, Here Is 1 Way To Keep Machine Quilting Customers Loyal

The 1 way to keep machine quilting customers loyal to your Professional Machine Quilting Service Business is to go where they are... on Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or publish a Blog.


Sally Terry Designs Blog Image
Sally Terry Designs Blog Image

Some of your customers will be on Facebook and always have it running in the background all day. Many quilters don't like Facebook and are afraid of all the things that can happen online and it has become a privacy issue. Also, too much public and private information is an issue.

I try not to be spammy of which I may be guilty. But if you continue to put out great content they will be there for you.

Do you hangout with your quilting customers? Where ever they are you gotta be there. 

Another way to reach your machine quilting service customers is Pinterest or Instagram.

Right now most of us quilters are on Facebook because we started there. We know it and we are comfortable there with lots of friends to chat with about our daily lives and quilting.

The next site is Pinterest for quilting inspiration, quilters hang out there, too. Post your projects on Pinterest and many of us will be talking about the same post at the next quilt guild meeting. That is how popular Pinterest is for quilting. Plus your post stays there for a long long time.

So how do I protect My Good Name on these sites and go where my quilting customers are? Should I have a presence there for others to find me?

Think about this. If you ask someone for a recommendation for a dentist, wouldn't you check them out online first, read a review or two before deciding? Your customers do that too.

You need to be there for your machine quilting customers. Build great content on YouTube and Facebook and Pinterest so they know, like and trust you.

The two biggest search engines right now are Google and YouTube. It is hard to put professional videos up on YouTube. Lots of time and lots of content. Yet, right now content is king, as they say, so you need to have a presence. And most of us can just use our mobile phones.

Quilt Shops especially should post their upcoming collections, preview days, trunk shows, guest instructors and calendar.

On most Social Networking Sites you can comment and link back to your site, or machine quilting business page, blog or google address listing.

  • Facebook you should check in daily. Do 👍💗😍 minimum. 

  • Be sure to answer all questions and comment.

  • Upload machine quilting pictures.

  • Block those that are detrimental to your brand and protect your good name.

If you find some friends that can be a bit too pesky with off topic posts that you don't want to be connected to...unfriend. Because your customers will associate their off topic point of view with your point of view. And you can always limit who can see your posts.

With the NEW Facebook's change in pages and privacy protection Facebook Groups seem to be promoted. I even had my Fan Page removed without notice.

On Pinterest you can pin your machine quilting pictures with links back to you and pin pictures others have posted.

Instagram loves pictures. Be sure to put in the #'s in the first comment and not in the description. And because you cannot use links, put your link in your profile instead, that relates to your machine quilting business website or blog.

tablet and laptop searching image
Many of our customers are on tablets.

On your business cards and handouts, be sure to add the addresses for your site, blog, and SMS (Social Media Sites) so we can all hangout together. If you are affiliated with a quilt shop or iron shop be sure to ask for permission to use their name and logo before posting. And if you are including a student's work get permission first. Email works great for that or screen save their consent message on your phone.

Start your own Blog

Here is an older YouTube Video I made about blogging when I was just starting out. Maybe that is where you are, just starting out. It helped me get started with the basics. If you want me to do a click-by-click blog setup video for you leave a comment below.

And if you do start your quilting blog stick with it and make a commitment to yourself to stick with it. Your customers will love you for it and stay raving fans.

Here is the link for the video above if you would like to share it. Also you can also share by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the video.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here

My goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers with super helpful videos. Woo Hoo! Thanks in advance for subscribing.

This video may show an earlier date, yet the information about blogging is still important to use today. In fact when I think blogging is getting old I go back to this video and and watch it again.

UPDATE: You can write longer blogs now and Google will still love ❤ you.

Check out blog search site, or just Google "Quilt Blogs".

Hope this helps. 😎

And oh yes, I can only manage 3 Social Networking sites, which are the ones I mention. It is okay if you limit yourself as well. Don't get stuck in trying to be everywhere it can become an all consuming task.

We'll send you an invitation to our Business Newsletter if you wish to join,

if it is not for you just decline.

To your Machine Quilting Success! Sally Terry

PSSSST...don't forget to let me know in the comments if you want a click by click screen shot video on how to set up your blog. And let me know how many blogs you have written.


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