Pathways To Better Quilting Book by Sally Terry

Pathways To Better Quilting Book by Sally Terry


Currently out of print and very limited at this time. Can you instantly look at the quilt top and know exactly what patterns to machine quilt where? 

Follow the right path for finding your own creative talent and sewing ability. Whether you use a traditional shortarm, midarm or longarm sewing machine, this book shares amazingly simple step-by-step methods of free-hand quilting. See how to interpret and complete the quilt with creative quilting patterns, quickly and easily. Learn the five shapes of quilting: the easy-to-accomplish arc; S-curve, straight line, loop and hook, from which all quilting patterns are made. Discover the correct way to complete each stroke. Book contains advice for auditioning patterns, resizing design motifs and transferring patterns. Especially helpful are the suggestions for threads, backing, binding, and batting selections. Also included are dozens of beautiful full-sized, original quilting patterns.



Have been happily sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could put a needle in my hand. Sally Terry Designs began in 1999, instructing machine quilting, quilting for others, authoring books, and helping all piecers and quilters with creative patterns, techniques and classes they love.




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