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Learn to Machine Quilt with Rulers 1/8", 2"-7" +130 pattern and tutorials

Learn to Machine Quilt with Rulers 1/8", 2"-7" +130 pattern and tutorials


"I love it! NO MORE STITCHING IN THE DITCH and layouts are already done for me on the PDF tutorial" - Machine Quilter


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Easily learn how to use Machine Quilting rulers on your traditional home sewing machine. Includes BONUS patterns because they arrive with tutorials, instructions, pattern sizes and layout ideas you want. That means this ruler set actually cuts your learning curve in half.


Truly beginner friendly, includes how-to instruction idea guide with +130 patterns and designs. Instantly coordinate beautiful mix-n-match designs easily into your next quilting project.


Because designs are asymmetrical you never have to be perfect while learning. And use the BONUS symmetrical layouts designs for elegantly stitched blocks, sashings and borders.


We did the hard work for you offering you oodles and oodles of design ideas that are not normally included with other rulers. Each ruler is $12.50 and precisely custom Made in the USA. Consider what you pay for one packaged ruler without instructions and this set goes beyond your expectations, so you can quilt happy.


Easily use in:


*** built in corner turns

*** borders

 *** sashings

 *** blocks

 *** edge-to-edge

 *** spines

 *** meanders

 *** fills

Includes: ( $12.25 per ruler )
 *** 2" 
 *** 3" 
 *** 4"- 5" 
 *** How-To Layout Guide with over 130+ printable patterns PDF file (Value $44) sent to your email.


Use with Terry Twist Stencils


Made in USA

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    Julie Ward: "Terry, I just watched your video on the Terry Twist, I am amazed... In it's beauty, elegance, yet simplicity... You are such a clever and productive person. Congratulations on your product... Hopefully I can get a long arm one day and get to make quilts half as beautiful as that.

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