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Sally Terry Austin Texas Guild presentation on Machine Quilting thread
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Learn Free Motion Quilting with Tutorials, DVDs, Stencils & Rulers 



new Machine Quilting with Decorative Stitches

new class...
Easily quilt using the decorative stitches on your sewing machine. This is a great way to get to know your machine and truly take advantage of all that your machine will do for you.

Don't let not knowing how to use your machine hold you back and not want you to move forward. This decorative stitch quilting panel was done on a small classroom sewing machine with only 60 different stitches yet we were able to naturally put them together for truly beautiful results.


Customers say it best:

"I am amazed that I can do what she teaches us. Practical uses, easy transfer of techniques for various kinds of quilts, borders, sashing, blocks, etc. Thanks!”

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about Sally Terry

"I have been sewing since the age of 3, as soon as my grandmother could show me how to hold a sewing needle. At age 8, I was making bound buttonholes on my blue wool coat using Grandma's Feather Weight which I still use today. Fabric has always been a part of my life, along with my love of pattern and design.​" ~ Sally Terry

There are usually 6 quilts being pieced all the time while machine quilting and creating custom tops for customers; because I don't believe in teaching others if you can't experience what others are experiencing as well.

"She loves teaching and it shows", ~ Gail Pape FL

"You have heard me say since 2000...You can do this. You have the talent and the ability within you. It is my life's work to show you through classes and books where to find it within yourself." 


Her unique perspective is that she feels "that you do not, have to copy me to be successful". Which, after experiencing one of Sally’s classes, every class after that the student takes becomes much more meaningful, no matter the instructor.


With classes full of excitement, confidence, and beginner-friendly, Sally has a gift of making the most detailed patterns simple by breaking down each step and demonstrating them in such a way to grasp the first time. With the heart of a teacher, her high energy personable style makes learning easy and fun. She loves teaching and it shows in the results of students doing what they never thought possible. As one student said, "I did not get it before I came to class, now I know I can do this!"

Her Techniques for Free Motion and Free Motion Feathers have become Standard for Long arm and Traditional Machine Quilters.

Sally is the author of 5 books including 3 Published by AQS (American Quilter's Society) including the No. 1 Book of the Year, Hooked on Feathers which transformed the art of feathering for beginners and pros alike. Both Pathways to Better Quilting considered a must by Midwest Book Review and Pathways From Quilt Top To Quilted includes Sally's concepts and patterns that have become Standard in the Machine Quilting Industry.

Sally is honored as the IMQA International Machine Quilter's Association Teacher of the Year for both Stand-up and Sit-down Machine Quilting. Her original clever and ingenious techniques cross over and are created for both Stand-Up and Sit Down Machine Quilting. She has appeared on episodes of Quilt Central and AQS Savvy Quilter TV.


She has been teaching since 2001 and has over 39 different courses available. Her work has been published in American Patchwork and Quilting, Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Book Series Quilt Makers Favorites, On Track Magazine, and American Quilter.

The Terry Twist® design concept helps quilters incorporate control with minimum marking creating true free-motion freedom. With hundreds of published quilting patterns, stencils, and templates Sally is continuing to bring the freshest designs and free-motion quilting practices to her students.

Sally has attended and instructed at over 200 National Quilt Shows, including an instructor on the faculty at the Janome Academy, APQS Representative and Trainer, SDVD, AQS Shows in Paducah, Lancaster, Grand Rapids, Des Moines. Road to California, Maine Quilts, Vermont Quilt Festival, HMQS Home Machine Quilters Show Salt Lake, UT; Innovations Quilt Show Tacoma, WA; MQX Machine Quilter's Expo Providence, RI; Portland, OR; Manchester NH; MQS 20 times including Wichita, KS; Springfield, IL; Overland Park, KS; Quilt Central and Quilt Central TV, Paducah, KY; Quilting on the Waterfront, Duluth, MN; School House, Houston Quilt Market and Festival; Spring Quilt Market; NW Pacific Quilt Show; National Quilt Museum, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Indianapolis Quilt Show, Badlands Quilters Retreat, Canadian Quilt Show Kitchener, ON, Edmonton, CA; APQS, plus Quilt Shops, Guilds, and Retreats, plus local Jacksonville, Florida quilt shops and guilds.

She has also judged many quilt shows including AQS Des Moines, Lancaster, Grand Rapids, Paducah, and more. Her work on customers' quilts and her own quilts have received Blue Ribbons at National Quilt Shows.

As a recipient of IMQA Teacher of the Year, it's my honor to share, teach, create and inspire other Machine Quilters, in workshops, retreats, videos, and books, whether you use a sit-down Domestic Machine or stand-up Long Arm. All techniques and machine quilting tips are created for both. Plus I love teaching piecing classes and how to work with pattern, color, and design and include the machine quilting layout designs too.


When not quilting she enjoys going to the beach and shelling, relaxing with a great book, and working her way through some very challenging cookbooks.

Yours in the love of Quilting, Quilt Happy, Sally :)

Sally Terry Free Motion Class with Badlands Quilt Group
Maine Quilt Show Students Image.jpg
Free Motion Quilting Students with Sally Terry
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Sally Terry Free Motion Class
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