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One Machine Quilting Foot Using Hundreds of Decorative Patterns on Your Home Machine

Here is how I got hundreds of patterns using this wonderful little machine quilting foot.

A few days ago I mention how you could use the Snap-on Parallel Foot with all the decorative stitches you have on your machine. After all, we did spend a few dollars investing in our wonderful home quilting machines.

Now there is a great little machine quilting foot you can fall in love with and use for endless designs.

It snaps on. So you can use it on your Berninas with a Universal Snap-On Adapter.

It has a 5mm slot that you can always make larger with a small file.

  • Use all your wonderful decorative stitches with it as well.

  • Use it against rulers for straight lines and curves.

  • Follow straight line stencils without a lot of marking.

  • Create echo quilting designs.

  • Can quilt up to 1 inch away when you move your needle position.

You can also stitch parallel to a straight line such as a seam.

Here is the link to the parallel foot >

Watch me use the parallel foot on my Old Style Bernina.

Hope this helps.

Quilt Happy Always,

Sally Terry


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